New 2017 Edition and New Surfdogs in – The Dog’s Guide to Surfing

TCB Cafe Publishing and TasteTV are happy to announce that the first & only book to create and launch an actual sport will have an updated version published this summer.

This new edition will include even more surfdog stories and training tips from the World of Dog Surfing.

“New” Surf Dog Profiles in this 2017 Edition include:

  • Cherie the Surf Dog
  • Surf Dog Ricochet
  • Abbie
  • Tristan
  • Jedi Surfs
  • Rusty the Surfing Min Pin
  • Barb
  • Kihei
  • and more

The Dog’s Guide to Surfing: Hanging Ten with Man’s Best Friend” can be found on Amazon in print here and in ebook here and on Barnes & Noble here

    Take your dog to the beach? Sure! 
    Teach your dog how to surf? Wow!