New 2017 Edition and New Surfdogs in – The Dog’s Guide to Surfing

TCB Cafe Publishing and TasteTV are happy to announce that the first & only book to create and launch an actual sport will have an updated version published this summer. This new edition will include even more surfdog stories and… Continue Reading

Fido Pet Products and Pet Renu join Dog Surfing Championships

Fido Pet Products & Pet Renu join Dog Surfing Championships The 2nd Annual World Dog Surfing Championships are pleased to announce two new partners for the August 5th event, Fido Pet Product’s Paw Aboard, and Pet Renu Shampoo and Conditioner.… Continue Reading

Abbie Surfs and Homer Henard with Skyler join the Dog Surfing Event in Pacifica

Guess who is coming to the Dog Surfing contest on September 10th near San Francisco? None other than famous dog surfer Abbie Girl Surfs, as well as Homer Henard with Skyler. Solo surfer Abbie is a well known dog surfer,… Continue Reading