NEWS: OBE Small Surf Dogs Award and the WOODROW WEAR Large Surf Dogs Award

The 2nd Annual World Dog Surfing Championships are pleased to announce that two major partners for the August 5th event are branded on two of the awards categories. These are the:

  1. OBE Small Surf Dogs Award

  2. WOODROW WEAR Large Surf Dogs Award


The Top Surf Dog in each category will be sporting this title for the next year!

Thanks to Obe Smart Bowls and Woodrow Wear!


Woodrow Wear is absolutely dedicated to the millions of older dogs that have traction and mobility issues, and to their owners, are unable to just sit there and watch them struggle!

Woodrow Wear is also dedicated to the younger dogs who may also find traction useful, to the dog owners who want to protect their hardwood floors from scratches, and to the fashion-conscious owners who want their dogs to be suitably dressed in attractive, cute, and fun socks.  It’s for the dogs with nerve, spine, and ligament issues, whose need for traction can happen at any age.  Surprisingly, it’s also for the dogs with allergies, and the dogs living in areas of extreme heat or cold — Power Paws give them the ability to go out into the dust and pollen with little reaction, or into the snow without ice/salt issues, and into the heat without burning their pads. Power Paws Reinforced Foot, their newest and most durable solution, protects the whole foot even more than their other products for rugged use and on abrasive surfaces.


Obe’s ProBowl is a dishwasher safe dog bowl with a smart base that connects to your phone and WiFi. ProBowl takes care of the details so you can enjoy more time together with your pet.

ProBowl Features :

  • ProBowl works with any kind of pet food and water.
  • Automatically reorders food and has Amazon deliver it
  • Tracks eating and drinking habits, real time
  • Alerts you if habits change
  • Say When Technology Prevents Overeating and Accidental Double Feeds
  • Makes it easy for everyone to feed your pet the right amount, every meal
  • Smart Base Connects To Your Phone and Your WiFi
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowl comes in Petite, Small, Medium or Large. Smart base is just one size and works with all Obe bowls.
  • The free smart phone app works with iOS. Android coming soon.